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Roundup of Kokesh Articles Today

Today was a banner day for Adam Kokesh.  He got lots of publicity.  All of it negative.  Which suits us just fine.

Podcast of Capt Larry Bailey on G Gordon Liddy Show is here.


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Which is the Real Kokesh?

Adam Kokesh would have the people of New Mexico believe that he is a conservative Republican, albeit with some libertarian tendencies.

In fact, Kokesh was a big supporter of the Democrats who won election to Congress in 2006 and who started on their path to destruction of our constitutional liberties.

But don’t believe us, go to the video tape!

This video shows Kokesh along with Geoffrey Millard and others of the IVAW on a panel lamenting the fact that the Congress they helped to elect, wasn’t doing what they expected it to do.  The socialist Rev. Yearwood lays it all out in his opening statement.

Kokesh and Millard knew each other well through IVAW, but that relationship was not exposed when Millard, under the banner of TruthOut, interviewed Kokesh in a 2007 propaganda piece for the anti-war left.

Shortly afterwards Kokesh and Millard went their seperate ways on the path to destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

Millard, the fake war hero, became an ardent supporter of Barack Obama and is seen here in the stands behind Barack Obama at a rally:

While Kokesh went false flag to infiltrate through the Ron Paul Republican ranks.

Still lying about his discharge status, which is NOT honorable, on his campaign website, Kokesh endeared himself to the Paul family to get their endorsement.

Here is a video of Kokesh and Ron Paul:

We do not think that Ron Paul is aware of Adam Kokesh’s true beliefs and intentions.  It is our contention that Ron Paul is too naive about the means and methods the left uses to infiltrate patriotic movements.  Just look at that video.  Knowing Kokesh’s background that has been revealed here and at other websites such as This Ain’t Hell, do you really believe that he was being at all truthful in that little encounter?  Even Ron Paul looked like he didn’t believe the act.

It is time for the Liberty campaign and Ron Paul to cut all ties with this vile worm who seeks to undermine their movement from within.

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Kokesh: Debasing the Currency!

We were shocked, shocked I tell you!  To discover that Adam Kokesh, that left wing ideologue masquerading as a Republican, has had a coin minted with his image on it!

It sort of reminds me of this one from the old USSR:

Or even this one from Albania:

Here is the question of the day:

What is it with left wing ideologues that they have to assume theatrical poses for posterity?

If he ever got to office he would probably demand his image on the million dollar bill!

Frankly, as he exposes each new facet of his narcissistic personality, we can only shake our heads in wonder.

In the meantime, This Ain’t Hell, reflects on how old this maroon (in the Bugs Bunny sense) has become!

Dump this clown in the primary!  Let him get back to his serious asshattery with his douchebag friends!

Oh, and anyone dumb enough to buy one of his coins?  It’s worth about $15 melted down.  Which is more than the value he puts on loyalty to his fellow veterans.

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911 Families Speak Out Against Kokesh!

Tim Sumner, of 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America, writes a compelling piece about possible motives for Kokesh trying to pass himself off as a conservative Republican.

Is it all an attempt to return Ben Lujan to Congress??

Stranger things have happened in false flag operations.

Read the whole thing here!

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Kokesh: Unfit For Office

Except maybe dogcatcher where he might be able to put that pistol he smuggled back from Iraq to good use.

TSO at This Aint Hell is all over him like white on rice today:

But let us start with this fact: Adam Kokesh has the same chance of winning the New Mexico Third Congressional District as I do of becoming the next Laker Girl. [Trust us you don’t want to even think about that… ed.]  We can dispense with the rest after that, but it is important that you realize his campaign has zero chance. The Cook Political Report (and everyone else who tracks races) list this as a “Solid Democrat” seat. The registration is D+7, and Kokesh will not pull all the GOP vote. The incumbent has not unduly pissed anyone off, so you can start with a solid D vote. Now look at Kokesh, does anyone who knows this guys background really believe him to be a GOP? I mean, set aside all policy considerations, does he act like a Republican?

Adam is a libertarian. He and others like him are the very reason I am not one. Because they are so inexcusably smug, so arrogant, and so blind to any other rational viewpoint. If you looked at issues, Adam may be right on the vast majority, but he is such a pompous ass that you want to disagree. Either way, how many Republicans do you know that share the stage with ANSWER, CodePink et al?

Read the whole thing for the juicy goodness of it all!

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Kokesh: Why Do They Hate Me?

Poor Adam, so pure, so misunderstood, so maligned, sniffle sniffle…

He even had to put up a page on his website to try and disprove all those nasty things other veterans are saying about him:

This Ain’t Hell is all over his misrepresentations:

Remember during the 2008 election, the Obama campaign had to put up a web page to fight the so-called mistruths about their candidate? Well, former or current IVAW member Adam Kokesh thought he ought to do it, too for his campaign in New Mexico. Let’s take a look at it;

Read the whole thing here!

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Is Adam Kokesh Really An Iraq Veteran?

Update:  The answer is yes, see here.

Some interesting anomalies have been gleaned from an examination of Adam’s DD-214 discharge papers.

It seems his Decorations section (Box 13) is curiously blank for an Iraq Veteran, citing only a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Someone who has actually served in Iraq should have at least these three additional decorations:

Since those three medals are given to anyone who served in Iraq it is very curious that any mention of them would be missing from his papers.

Could his patrols in Iraq have been as imaginary as this?  We report, You Decide!

Perhaps Adam can explain?

Here’s the whole dd-214:

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