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The Negative Effects of the Anti-Military Left on Our Veterans and Their Families:

The Negative Effects of the Anti-Military Left on Our Veterans and Their Families:
A response to a Blog Radio interview with Adam Kokesh
We often hear from the leftist anti-military groups that their demonstrations and activities are intended to help and support our troops.  However, our veterans and their families often report that these activities have a very negative effect on them. An example of these negative effects was apparent on the April 22, 2010 Chandler’s Watch Radio Blog show in which Adam Kokesh was interviewed (  
Mr. Kokesh is a member of the Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW), and he has an extensive history of engaging in anti-military activities in alliance with groups such as Code Pink and  Currently, he is running for US Congress – New Mexico 3rd CD as a self-declared Conservative Republican.  He was recruited and endorsed by the Ron Paul Liberty Candidate group.
Mr. Kokesh was invited as a guest to discuss his anti-military activities and the impact of those activities on his current campaign for US Congress. A Marine who is opposed to the Kokesh candidacy hosts Chandler’s Watch, and Mr. Kokesh understood that he would be facing some tough questioning from both the host and the callers.
Initially, Mr. Kokesh attempted to defend his anti-war activities by minimizing the contact that he had had with other radical groups and by saying that, at that time, he believed that his actions were in the best interest of the troops, given the “illegal” nature of the war.  Further, he went on to note that he has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and that his support of our troops is evidenced by his involvement with attempting to assist veterans with PTSD in obtaining services once they had returned from Iraq.
During the course of the show both a Gold Star and a Blue Star Mother phoned in.  What was most striking about their phone calls was the degree of anguish, anger, frustration, and at times rage that was evident in their voices and in their comments.  They attempted to let Mr. Kokesh know just how painful his actions had been to them and to their families, and how the attempt by the radical left to impugn the honor and the integrity of their sons had affected them.  I know the Blue Star Mother personally; she is a tireless supporter of our troops, even though her son has long since finished his active duty.  She is self-controlled and thoughtful, and it was surprising to me to hear the depth of her anger, anguish, and yes, rage.  Similarly, the Gold Star mother’s voice was filled with the anguish and pain of having lost her child, and the rage she feels towards the anti-military leftist’s for their attempts to dishonor him. While I am not a Star Mother, I AM a mother, and what I was hearing from these women could well be described as “motherly rage”.
Mr. Kokesh also heard from a Vietnam and a Desert Storm veteran, both of whom had felt the wrath of the “radical left” upon their return from active duty.  Both of these men were well modulated in their comments, but the scars of a country’s betrayal were apparent in their voices.
By the end of the interview Mr. Kokesh, to his credit, did apologize for his IVAW actions, and for the pain and suffering that those actions had caused.  Further, in his own defense, he reflected that perhaps his anti-military activities were in part a result of his immaturity and that he felt he had grown since then.  He also noted that he himself had suffered from PTSD following his return from Iraq.  He again highlighted his interest in PTSD issues in returning veterans as evidence of his commitment to the well-being of our soldiers.
By way of commentary, I would like to offer the following reflections to Mr. Kokesh as regards PTSD in our returning soldiers and as regards the importance of a mature character when running for national office.
Firstly, most returning soldiers experience an Adjustment Reaction Disorder as they make the transition from military to civilian life.   This can be an uncomfortable and anxiety provoking process, but it is actually expected and normal. In contrast, PTSD is a prolonged and disabling disorder that is differentiated from adjustment reactions in both its duration and severity.   One of the most important factors in guarding against an adjustment disorder developing into chronic PTSD is the quality of the environment in which the person is living. There is the need for a supportive, understanding, accepting environment.  This is hardly the case when Code Pink stages “solidarity” marches through the streets of Palestine and the IVAW burns an American flag at a “peace rally” in Washington DC.  Clearly a rejecting, judgmental and oftentimes aggressively accusatory anti-military movement will do precious little to mitigate against the onset of a full-blown PTSD.
Secondly, I would like to comment on Mr. Kokesh’s statement that his IVAW activities were a result of general immaturity on his part.  I would agree with that assessment.  However, I would also note that little time has elapsed since Mr. Kokesh was a very ardent and active member in the IVAW, and there is nothing, other than his word, to suggest that he has matured away from his radical leftist anti-military beliefs.  This issue of “immaturity” is especially troublesome, since Mr. Kokesh is aspiring to become a member of the US Congress, a position that by its nature requires a mature and thoughtful approach to very complex and stressful issues.
In closing, I would hope that Mr. Kokesh’s experience on Chandler’s Watch helped him to understand the pain and the anguish that groups such as the IVAW have inflicted on our veterans and their families.  I would venture a guess that the views of the callers to the show are not unique within the veteran community.  While I do not have any specific polling data, I would bet that most veterans are vehemently opposed to the IVAW and their radical anti-military membership. 
I would suggest to Mr. Kokesh that, if he is truly interested in the issues surrounding PTSD in our soldiers, he continue his education in Psychology and devote more of his time to understanding both the disorder and the negative effects of a radical leftist movement on this condition.
Perhaps within the course of more extended personal self-reflection, and pursuits of higher education, and practical real-life experience Mr. Kokesh might gain the requisite knowledge, empathy, and maturity that are necessary in order to be an effective and honest Congressman.
Carolyn VanZorge


May 2, 2010 - Posted by | Open Letter to Voters


  1. I heard adam’s drivel on Chandlers Watch as well, and his apologies don’t mean shit to me!!!!

    The first thing adam needs to do is leave the ivaw and renounce their gutless, hate-filled. Soldier-HATING, anti-military extremist ways!!!!

    Then I’ll listen!!

    Comment by Paul Couturier - OIF Veteran | May 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. For the record.. less than a year after kokesh “apologized” to me on air ( I am the Gold Star mother mentioned in the article) He attacked me personally via twitter calling me a hater who needs to be shut up for exposing him for the leftist he truly is.

    Comment by Angelia | June 4, 2011 | Reply

  3. The Cicero quote under About could be a good description for this website.
    “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrels”.

    Where do these self-described patriots differ from Republican pod people?
    Since when is opposition to unwarranted and criminal wars treasonous?

    Isn’t this what tyrants do,accuse dissenters of treason?
    The best way to support the troops is to bring them home from these neocon wars for petrodollars.

    Since when is blind unquestioning support of the government or wars the definition of patriotism?
    I am to the right of Liddy,and I loath these Republican chickenhawks and their fraudulent wars abroad and the tyranny at home.

    Regardless of his affiliations,Adam Kokesh is right to oppose the Bush/neocon wars abroad and to resist the police state tyranny here at home.

    I am at least as conservative as any of you,and I hate the neocons and our wars of aggression abroad.
    Call me a traitor to my face,and see what happens to you.

    Tyranny and phony wars go hand in hand.The so called wars on terror,drugs,crime and guns have turned this once free country into a police state,and Made In USA capitalism has been replaced with Made in China capitalism.

    I have no illusions about the wicked left,nor do I have any illusions about the tyrannical right,it’s puritanical hypocrisy.

    The vast middle of Americans are being put upon by both of the forces of evil,left and right,and as long as this twin-headed beast is allowed to live,we will not be free.

    Between the satanically inspired left and the satanically inspired right,all independent thought and speech is under attack,and no lifestyle choices are safe,either.

    When it comes to treason,the worst form of treason is economic treason,because,like tyranny,it adversely effects everyone,every day.Nothing has been more treasonous than our Manchurian Government and how it sold us all out to the Chinese,and now they want to import cheap labor from abroad.

    The destruction of our industry and economy is also the biggest reason for the growing police state,conditioning Americans to submit to tyranny with the hope of preempting overwhelming dissent and a violent revolt.

    Nothing is more treasonous than what our government has done to our troops,killing and maiming and destroying the lives of over many thousands of American troops in its neocon wars for resources and MIC profits.Multiple combat tours of duty vs 12 months for Vietnam.

    Over 200,000 veterans will be sleeping on the streets tonight…This the hell kind of perverted patriotism is this.

    America is becoming more and more like Nazi Germany,and the Germans all thought they were being patriotic,too.They were propagandized,programmed and blinded by Satan,who plays the left and the right against us all.

    WAKE UP you phony patriots,wake up.The neocons have duped you on all levels,and you can’t tell right from wrong anymore.All you care about now is keeping score politically,as if this is going to get us anywhere.

    He is a feckless socialist figurehead leader who isn’t going to accomplish anything.In 3 1/2 years he’ll be packing his things preparing for his one way trip back home to Hawaii.We will survive him.

    It is the right-wing neocon and globalist agenda that is the real threat.These bastards have already perpetrated catastrophic levels of damage to our nation from 9/11 to purely elective and extremely costly quagmire wars abroad to the police state and tyranny here at home to the outsourcing manufacturing to the insourcing of cheap labor from abroad to the collapsing of the economy to the Wall Street bailout and the systematic looting of trillions of dollars of American money the Romney CIA Mafia hit job in Benghazi.

    And the neocon agenda is not even half completed,they’re planning more wars which will culminate in WW3 and their NWO,after the human race is depopulated by 75 to 80%,down to 500 million or less worldwide,less than 80 million here in the U.S. from 314 million.

    The neocons want us to keep talking about the “Obama” to keep us distracted away from their agenda.
    I’d take an Adam Kokesh over those bastards any time.

    The right-wing neocons and their unwitting allies among Republicans and would-be patriots are going to get us all killed…Support third party candidates only,no Democrats or Republicans,they are all in Washington either clueless or knowingly evil,sellouts to a nihilistic and Satanic agenda.

    Comment by Michael | May 20, 2013 | Reply

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