American Patriots Against Kokesh

Because Traitors Shall Never Prosper

Truth is a Terrible Swift Sword

APAK wields a Terrible Swift Sword. The sword of truth,  lies and deception cannot be cloaked. When you spent years of your life engaged in treason in the public arena, holding yourself up as the great anti american warrior. You get exposed. In your Narcissistic displays in the public arena, and than document your exploits on the Internet to prove your street credibility, with the communist anti-war movement. You leave a trail so wide I could drive a truck down it. The truth in the case of Adam Kokesh doesn’t require any embellishment. What Adam has accomplished is exposing all the phony conservatives such as Ron and Rand Paul, many of the Liberty Candidates, the Liberty Tree group and the Daily Paul. These so called Ron Paul Republicans. The thing that has become so obvious to all of us is the plank in your platform that you hold most scared is your anti-war anti-military platform. You hold this plank so dear you will sell out all your so called values to obtain it. You stand with ALL the communist anti-war left.  In your bizarre logic you thought all the Patriotic Conservatives would be so caught up in Countering Barack Hussein Obama’s coup d’état” of American, nobody would notice Ron Paul’s attempted take over of the conservative movement. Much in the same way the anti-American Progressives took over the Democrat Party. Nice try Ron ole boy, almost worked. What you didn’t plan on was the handful of American Patriot Mil bloggers and American Patriots who can multi task. Sending out the illiterate Susman and other useful idiots to defend your anti-american activities with threats of law suits will not work. You think our side does not have legal council, you are all bigger buffoons than we first suspected.  I do thank Adam without him shinning the spotlight on himself, we would never have been made aware of Ron Paul, Oath Keepers, Liberty Candidates and Ron Paul’s gigantic web of decievers and false flag operations.

God Bless America


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