American Patriots Against Kokesh

Because Traitors Shall Never Prosper

Up until now the term Useful Idiot described someone…..

1. Useful idiot  
Term invented in Soviet Russia to describe people who blindly supported the likes of Lenin and Stalin while they committed atrocity after atrocity.

Today, it refers to brainwashed liberals and leftists the world over (usually college students that aren’t necessarily idiots, but just misinformed, naive, and ignorant of facts due to being indoctrinated with liberal/socialist propaganda through their public education) who believe that George W. Bush has committed more crimes against humanity than leftist darlings like Saddam Hussain, Yasser Arafat, and Osama Bin Laden, and still defend Communism, the cause of over 100 million deaths to this day.

See also, idiotarian

Hundreds of useful idiots gathered at their college campus to burn American flags, pass out Communist pamphlets that apologize for Stalin and Mao, and to pledge support to their hero, Saddam Hussain.

Useful idiots need to be shown the facts, mainly that the United States and Israel are the greatest defenders of freedom and justice in the world. Until then, rational people can have fun laughing at their ignorance.

Can these terms now be used to describe people whose patriotism is being used to further the agenda of groups detrimental to the well being of the United States by the  anti-war movements of the fringe Ron Paul organizations. masking themselves with the terms of Liberty, Freedom, Protecting the Constitution and Honoring Your Oath. The Deceivers among us who walk, talk and go virtually undetected until now. It breaks ones heart to see true Patriots deceived by these traitors. The Vail of their secrecy and deception is now being lifted.

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