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Kokesh is unelectable, anti-military, “Internet celebrity,” Mullins says

We kinda need to stay focused here Kokesh is a traitor, who cares about internet celebrity

Kokesh is unelectable, anti-military, “Internet celebrity,” Mullins says By Matthew Reichbach 3/12/10 11:15 AM In an interview with the conservative blog Hot Air, Republican candidate Tom Mullins attacked his opponent in the Republican primary, Adam Kokesh, saying, “Adam is nothing more than an Internet celebrity and a war protester. I don’t believe New Mexicans agree with his views or his methods to share or voice them.” The interviewer herself was not not a fan of Kokesh, having previously written an article about Kokesh being a traitor in GOP clothing. Kokesh is an Iraq War veteran who now opposes the war. The interview, in the Green Room section of Hot Air, touched on what they consider Kokesh’s “anti-military activities. “I don’t understand how Adam’s actions are ‘Constitutional,’” Mullins said, referring to his protests against and statements about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ” “He’s a great public speaker, I’ll give you that,” Mullins said later in the interview, “So if you’re looking for an unqualified guy who looks pretty and can speak well, then Adam’s your guy.” In the interview, Mullins said that the decision for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be left to “the commanders and leaders of our men and women in combat” and that he opposes gay marriage. Mullins also said he would vote against health care (in fact, he has signed on to a pledge to repeal health care reform) and opposes the stimulus package. Kokesh is in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, one dominated in recent years by Ron Paul. The primary in the 3rd Congressional District between Kokesh and Mullins could be one test of the direction of the Republican Party in the state.


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