American Patriots Against Kokesh

Because Traitors Shall Never Prosper

Which is the Real Kokesh?

Adam Kokesh would have the people of New Mexico believe that he is a conservative Republican, albeit with some libertarian tendencies.

In fact, Kokesh was a big supporter of the Democrats who won election to Congress in 2006 and who started on their path to destruction of our constitutional liberties.

But don’t believe us, go to the video tape!

This video shows Kokesh along with Geoffrey Millard and others of the IVAW on a panel lamenting the fact that the Congress they helped to elect, wasn’t doing what they expected it to do.  The socialist Rev. Yearwood lays it all out in his opening statement.

Kokesh and Millard knew each other well through IVAW, but that relationship was not exposed when Millard, under the banner of TruthOut, interviewed Kokesh in a 2007 propaganda piece for the anti-war left.

Shortly afterwards Kokesh and Millard went their seperate ways on the path to destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

Millard, the fake war hero, became an ardent supporter of Barack Obama and is seen here in the stands behind Barack Obama at a rally:

While Kokesh went false flag to infiltrate through the Ron Paul Republican ranks.

Still lying about his discharge status, which is NOT honorable, on his campaign website, Kokesh endeared himself to the Paul family to get their endorsement.

Here is a video of Kokesh and Ron Paul:

We do not think that Ron Paul is aware of Adam Kokesh’s true beliefs and intentions.  It is our contention that Ron Paul is too naive about the means and methods the left uses to infiltrate patriotic movements.  Just look at that video.  Knowing Kokesh’s background that has been revealed here and at other websites such as This Ain’t Hell, do you really believe that he was being at all truthful in that little encounter?  Even Ron Paul looked like he didn’t believe the act.

It is time for the Liberty campaign and Ron Paul to cut all ties with this vile worm who seeks to undermine their movement from within.


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