American Patriots Against Kokesh

Because Traitors Shall Never Prosper

Kokesh: Why Do They Hate Me?

Poor Adam, so pure, so misunderstood, so maligned, sniffle sniffle…

He even had to put up a page on his website to try and disprove all those nasty things other veterans are saying about him:

This Ain’t Hell is all over his misrepresentations:

Remember during the 2008 election, the Obama campaign had to put up a web page to fight the so-called mistruths about their candidate? Well, former or current IVAW member Adam Kokesh thought he ought to do it, too for his campaign in New Mexico. Let’s take a look at it;

Read the whole thing here!


February 16, 2010 - Posted by | Military Record | ,

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  1. The major problem ahead for Adam Kokesh and his supporters in New Mexico is not that someone may spread lies concerning his military service and his work after his other then honorable discharge to raise a white flag over the heads of those now in combat.What Adam must fear is that we will spread the real documented .Truth..about him to the voters of New Mexico.
    The truth will not set Adam free, the truth will send him out to get a haircut and get a real job in the real world.
    The endless babble of his supporters will not count to elect Adam to Congress. when the votes are cast in the New Mexico election,the only voice that will make a difference is the voice of each voter who makes an informed choice when they vote
    Our weapon to stop Adam is truth, spread the truth to the voters, let his supporter babble & high five online.

    Endless debate on blog site will not count unless those you debate are legal resident of New Mexico, all other debates are a distraction from our effors to..Stop Adam Now..Focus on the New Mexico voters, counter Adam with solid documented facts, build a wall of truth around Adam and bring his charactor flaws into plain view.Our leadership is working hard to field a solid action plan, I ask each of you to follow their plans and work hard to return Adam to his local unemployment office.

    Comment by CWO George Samek US Army Ret. | February 17, 2010 | Reply

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