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A letter to the People

We are writing to you to express our grave concerns about Adam Kokesh, who is aspiring to become the Republican nominee for US Congress from New Mexico’s 3rd district.  Mr. Kokesh has an extensive, and well-documented history of affiliations with radical leftist groups.  In concert with these groups he has engaged in numerous anti-America and anti-military demonstrations and protests.  Moreover, Mr. Kokesh does not appear to have any personal qualifications that would recommend him for serious consideration as a candidate for the Republican Party.  He has a significant history suggestive of poor character and judgment, and he has notable incidents of direct activism against Republican office holders.
Affiliations with radical leftist groups
    Mr. Kokesh joined the Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW) in February 2007, at which time he was 25 years old.   The IVAW was formed by the Vietnam Veterans Against War (VVAW), the now infamous group, formed by John Kerry in 1970, and responsible for the fraudulent maligning of our Vietnam veterans at the Winter Soldier Conference in 1971.   It will be recalled that John Kerry now stands exposed as having repeated false accusations from that conference, during Congressional testimony in 1971.   Similar to the VVAW, the IVAW is a virulently anti-military, anti-America group.   It holds the view that our country is an imperialistic and expansionistic “One World Order” government, and that our military is but a tool of this government. Further, they believe that our soldiers are little more than marauders and murderers who, in the words of John Kerry, behave “in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan”. 
    Mr. Kokesh was active in the IVAW from 2007 to 2009, at which time he announced his candidacy for Republican Congressman from New Mexico.  There are no indications that he has revoked his affiliations with the IVAW.  As an active member of the IVAW, Mr. Kokesh was involved in numerous anti-military, and by explicit extension, anti-Bush/Republican activities and actions. While executing these actions, Mr. Kokesh knowingly and gladly, made common cause with a wide array of other well-known, radical anti-America and communist groups.  The list of these other groups includes, but is by no means limited to, the following:
       Code Pink
       A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
       United for Justice and Peace
       Communist Party of America
       Muslim Brotherhood
       Black Panthers
In cooperation with the above-named groups and the IVAW, Mr. Kokesh: participated in multiple anti-war demonstrations in Washington DC, and other cites throughout the country; organized and incited violent demonstrations at military recruiting stations; participated in an initiative to encourage active duty soldiers to desert their military post; organized and participated in a Winter Soldier Conference 2, an effort designed to malign and undercut the moral of our soldiers who were fighting and dying on the battlefield.   Even a most cursory search of the Internet will yield a plethora of documents attesting to the veracity of these assertions.
Personal character questions, and anti-Republican Party activities
    Apart from his considerable radical leftist affiliations and activities, there many concerns about Mr. Kokesh’s general personal qualifications for congressman; and we have specific concerns about the appropriateness of his being considered for being a Republican congressman.  Mr. Kokesh has no history of personal accomplishments or achievement, yet he does have a notable history of poor judgment and illegal behavior.  Moreover, he has no history of supporting the Republican Party, and in fact has been actively unsupportive and undermining of the Party.
    Mr. Kokesh’s personal accomplishments and achievements appear to be limited to his having served in the Marine Corps from 1999 until 2006, and his political activism with the IVAW from 2007 until 2009.  His MC service was basically unremarkable, in terms of citations, medals, and commendations, and it was ultimately marked by a demotion in his discharge rank, from Sergeant to Corporal, and a downgrading of his discharge status from honorable to general.  Mr. Kokesh’s tenure with the IVAW has been noted above and need not be repeated here.
  There are no indications that Mr. Kokesh has ever maintained any private sector employment, and unless otherwise proven, it might be assumed that his ‘work’ with the IVAW was financed through contributions to that organization, finances that often originated in leftist organizations such as  Other than an undergraduate degree in Psychology, there are no indications that Mr. Kokesh has achieved any academic standing that might, given his young age and his otherwise lack of general accomplishments, recommend him for serious consideration for Congress.
    There are numbers of incidents in Mr. Kokesh’s personal life that suggest that he employs poor judgment, and that he has trouble coping with stress.  Examples of his poor judgment include the following: he smuggled a gun home from Iraq, and then was apprehended when he bought it onto a college campus; he has incited protestors to engage in violent actions against military recruiting stations, and; he incited unrest on a college campus by hanging racist poster around the campus, and signed the posters as being a member of the college conservative Republican organization.  
Given the above, it is our position that Mr. Kokesh is in no way qualified to represent the Republican Party in Congress.  In fact, if his history is any indicator of his future performance, it is most likely that he will behave in a manner that is antithetical to the positions and values of the Republican Party.  In our view, a Kokesh candidacy will at best, precipitate much conflict within the Republican Party, and, at worst, invite derision from outside of the party.
Like you, we are interested in maintaining the integrity of the Republican Party. We understand that this is a time when the party leadership is striving to reconcile disparate ideas within the party, and to clarify its unified voice.   A Kokesh candidacy would be completely at odds with those strivings and ideals.


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Kokesh: Unfit For Office

Except maybe dogcatcher where he might be able to put that pistol he smuggled back from Iraq to good use.

TSO at This Aint Hell is all over him like white on rice today:

But let us start with this fact: Adam Kokesh has the same chance of winning the New Mexico Third Congressional District as I do of becoming the next Laker Girl. [Trust us you don’t want to even think about that… ed.]  We can dispense with the rest after that, but it is important that you realize his campaign has zero chance. The Cook Political Report (and everyone else who tracks races) list this as a “Solid Democrat” seat. The registration is D+7, and Kokesh will not pull all the GOP vote. The incumbent has not unduly pissed anyone off, so you can start with a solid D vote. Now look at Kokesh, does anyone who knows this guys background really believe him to be a GOP? I mean, set aside all policy considerations, does he act like a Republican?

Adam is a libertarian. He and others like him are the very reason I am not one. Because they are so inexcusably smug, so arrogant, and so blind to any other rational viewpoint. If you looked at issues, Adam may be right on the vast majority, but he is such a pompous ass that you want to disagree. Either way, how many Republicans do you know that share the stage with ANSWER, CodePink et al?

Read the whole thing for the juicy goodness of it all!

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Kokesh: Why Do They Hate Me?

Poor Adam, so pure, so misunderstood, so maligned, sniffle sniffle…

He even had to put up a page on his website to try and disprove all those nasty things other veterans are saying about him:

This Ain’t Hell is all over his misrepresentations:

Remember during the 2008 election, the Obama campaign had to put up a web page to fight the so-called mistruths about their candidate? Well, former or current IVAW member Adam Kokesh thought he ought to do it, too for his campaign in New Mexico. Let’s take a look at it;

Read the whole thing here!

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Is Adam Kokesh Really An Iraq Veteran?

Update:  The answer is yes, see here.

Some interesting anomalies have been gleaned from an examination of Adam’s DD-214 discharge papers.

It seems his Decorations section (Box 13) is curiously blank for an Iraq Veteran, citing only a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Someone who has actually served in Iraq should have at least these three additional decorations:

Since those three medals are given to anyone who served in Iraq it is very curious that any mention of them would be missing from his papers.

Could his patrols in Iraq have been as imaginary as this?  We report, You Decide!

Perhaps Adam can explain?

Here’s the whole dd-214:

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Kokesh: Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

After spending most of the last decade in the company of communists and anti-American groups like CodePink, ANSWER,, SDS and IVAW, Adam Kokesh is now [supposedly] a conservative republican running for congress.

They yelled obscenities at Vermont Gold Star families – I was there and saw happen

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